About us.

Vladimir Siebert, the Russian-born designer graduated from high school at the age of 17. After being denied permission to study fashion design in his Russian homeland, he started to work at a music theatre where he was responsible for costumes and requisites for theatre performances. During this time he won several awards at Russian fashion competitions. In 1991 he left Russia to move to Germany. In addition to oustanding hand-knitting abilities, he learned machine knitting at a company specialising in the production of knitted goods. In 2002 having successfully graduated in Fashion Design from the University of Art and Design in Hanover and Milan, he went to London.

He then spent 4 seasons working for Alexander Mcqueen. In 2003 while working for Alexander Mcqueen he created a fashion collection for the famous Royal College of Art and was invited to complete a Master Degree at the college.

Afier moving back to Germany in 2005, he worked for several German designers, and was a visiting lecturer at the University of Arts in Bremen. More recently he has been working on his own brand and freelancing for other fashion companies…IIis own collections have been featured in the international press including ,,Celebrity“ November 2007, ,,Feld Hommes“ Winter 2007, ,,Cosmopolitan“ January 2008, „WeAr“ Nr.l6…

,,My work is always very personal to me… The starting point for my work is always the human body… Influenced by everything that surrounds us, be it art, literature or music etc… I try to include these inspirations in my work. For me, designing a collection means creating a modern, comprehendible and wearable (point of view) piece of fashion… The handicraft process and handmade feeling are very significant and always take a pole position in my work..“